Sunday, November 27, 2005

'Full Moon' DIY Distilling and Dumpstering/Food Not Bombs Workshops Nov 27 2005

Today was great, so great that it seems very likely we will be offering these workshops again during the coming months.

Adam's distilling workshop began the day. He brought into the Spartacus space his own still which he uses at home and showed us how it worked. Among other things, he presented a history of moonshining, as well as moonshine recipes, resources and even the chemical composition of ethanol.

He had a typed handout with diagrams and pictures which I hope to post asap.

Look to this Webspace to see when he will be offering this workshop again. There will probably be 'samples' of the finished product the next time this is offered.

Andy's Dumpstering/Food Not Bombs presentation involved many visual aids, interesting strategies, locations, a discussion of class and ethics surrounding found food. The workshop was also attended by other people involved in the Food Not Bombs chapter in vancouver: this meant that the workshop became a good discussion group/networking group as well.


Anonymous kreeli said...

looking forward to that diagram/handout on the distilling/moonshining being posted! please and thank you!


9:55 AM  

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