Sunday, November 27, 2005

Alternative Education Workshop Sat 26 2005

The first FreeSchool Workshops were very successful. Many people who came out to attend were very supportive and offered their encouragement, ideas, expertise and access to resources. We feel very optimistic.

Here are some notes on the discussion cards the people filled out at the beginning of this workshop:

Problems people have had in mainstream education:

-Sleepy disengagement
-emotional concerns not addressed
-extreme monetary sacrifice
-isolation from community/insular nature of conventional schooling (SFU Burnaby on a Mountain, UBC an hour from the city centre)
-the systemic patriarchal power relations
-people are to easily able to 'fall through the cracks'
-invisibility of the student (unless they are one of the 1% who manage to 'stand out')

Suggested FreeSchool ideals/goals/possibilities:

-an environment facilitating a strong sense of trust and acceptance
-collaborative/community-based learning
-critical study
-local histories
-developing profound respect
-direct communication

Positive experiences that some people have had in mainstream schooling:

-substantial feedback/comments on a submitted work
-learning presentation skills
-students learn to take criticism
-high expectations motivate students to rise to the occasion.
-access to quality resources (library, media etc.)

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